A Syrian refugee women and two disabled children

May 24, 2017

In 2015, Yousra, a Syrian woman, fled her home country and became a refugee in Iraq. She had already suffered a lot by leaving her home but, beyond imagination Yousra’s life had been quite a tragedy before what happen in her country, which forced her and hundreds of thousands of other people to leave their country.


She lost her husband and she has been living in poverty with her two child since then. She is not able to work to support her living. Her son is working and earns 15,000 IQD per day, unfortunately they have to pay 150,000 IQD each month for the house they are living in and her son needs medical treatment after an accident at work where he fell out of a building. He isn’t able to rest and get medical help as he should because his family is in great need of the money that he makes.

Yousra said with teary eyes, “my only hope is for my daughter Rojeen to get better. She’s mentally disabled and she is living a tough life and can’t communicate or express herself to me and her brother. Weeping and screaming seem to be her only means of communication.”


Yousra is thankful to REACH for the voucher of 60,000 IQD she is receiving monthly she says it’s been of great help in providing them with food and hygiene. She is hoping that REACH will be help them more in future and help them have relatively simple life

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