Announcing Teacher Capacity Building Sessions

September 24, 2018

Under the supervision of REACH and with the support of the General Directorate for Education in Sulaymaniyah a teacher capacity building session is being offered.


The course is provided by the Directorate of Education of the Eastern Division in the Bechal School for Girls and the Directorate of Education of the Western Division in the Shahid Jabbar School.


The course, which will last for 8 days, will involve more than 500 junior high school teachers. The aim of this course is to highlight the importance of teacher to use approperiate teaching methods when dealing with their students. Time will be spent on the ways to build generative and postive relationships with students. Emphasis will be on communication skills and on ways to  open pathways of communication between students and teachers within the boundaries of the province of Sulaymaniyah.





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