Building Social Cohesion within Diverse Communities

October 4, 2018

As an organization, REACH encourages peaceful co-existence and social cohesion between different communities in Iraq. This is an essential part of the rebuilding and stabiliazation of the communities we work with, especially when it comes to children of mixed ethnic groups. We prioritize activities for children, as they are our future, therefore it is essential that we should teach them how to live in harmony and build relationships regardless ethnicity or religion.


REACH organizes various social cohesion activities for children from the host community, internally displaced people (IDP) as well as Syrian refugees, as a way to create lasting social connections.


To meet this goal, children from the REACH Community Center were invited to spend a day in local Aqua park in Sulaimaniya. Additionally, there were community bike rides organized. These activities provided the opportunity for the children to have fun with each other and let go of their fear and sence of isolation. Such activities are very important, as they help to not only mitigate tension and manage conflicts, but also helps displaced children to make new friends.




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