Humanitarian Assistance and Resilience Building in Kirkuk

November 25, 2018

REACH under support of OXFAM is implementing WASH projects in Kirkuk Province in (Daquq district, Panja-ali, Huzairan, Tariq Co. neighborhoods)

The WASH package including:

  • WASH – Water supply
  • WASH – Hygiene Promotion
  • WASH – Sanitation
  • EFVLS – Livelihood


The project supporting vulnerable families, IDPs through implementing water projects (maintenance/construction boreholes, networking, building capacity to the Directorate of Water (DoW), GAC members (Community Action Groups), and other projects supported the community related to the DoW).


Also, REACH provides Hygiene Kits distribution to the vulnerable families including awareness and promotion sessions. Rehabilitation/Construction of latrines and baths. Supply income generation activities and small businesses to the vulnerable families including trainings.




















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