International Day of Education

January 29, 2019

On 24th January, in International Day of Education, REACH organization in collaboration with the Directorate of East education, in the province of Sulaymaniyah.


Conducted a panel for the purpose of the issues and solutions relating to education matters under the title of “EDUCATION, TODAY AND TOMORROW”.


The Panel was briefed on discussing the following five subjects: 

  • The issues and solutions of the education process.
  • Educational relationships, issues, and solutions. 
  • Coordination of secondary education, issues, and solutions.
  • Coordination of primary education, issues, and solutions.
  • Needs of education in the third century, issues and solutions.


In the education panel, and with the presence of a number of administrators, education professionals, and experts, a number of education subjects, education issues, how to deal with the issue, and the role of the organizations in providing service, putting interest in education sector, and plan for teamwork to improve education. 


At the end of the panel, the attendees participated in the panel by raising a couple of questions on the issues and solutions relating to education matters.




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