Tender Code Location Tender Title Start Date End Date More..
31Al SuleimanyahRenovation of Chamchamal and Tainal hospitals in Sulaymaniyah2017-12-122017-12-17
GAC4KR3KirkukRehabilitation and maintenance of engines of capacity / 110 kW for high pumping pumps for the Kirkuk water project2017-12-102017-12-12
14KirkukQuick impact projects (QIPs) for the restoration and processing of materials for the building of the Abbasid district of Hawija / Kirkuk2017-11-272017-11-29
13KirkukQuick impact projects (QIPs) for the rehabilitation and processing of materials for the buildings of the Department of Nationality and Municipal Council in the Abbasi district of Hawija / Kirkuk2017-11-272017-11-29
12KirkukQuick impact projects (QIPs) for the restoration and processing of materials for the court building in the Abbasi district of Hawija / Kirkuk2017-11-272017-11-29
11KirkukRenovation of shelters for 69 displaced families in Amal Al Shabi2017-11-192017-11-22
10KirkukRenovation of shelters for 98 displaced families in Hamurabi camp 2017-11-192017-11-22
9KirkukRenovation of Shelters for 83 displaced families in Daquq2017-11-192017-11-22
IJRKR5KirkukDistribution of sanitary materials in the areas Daquq and old Sayyad2017-11-202017-11-23
7DuhokProvision and installation of new water pumps for Kalakchi Host community in Duhuk2017-11-122017-11-15
6DuhokProvision of Garbage and Vacuum Trucks for Mam Rashan camp2017-11-132017-11-15
IJRKR4KirkukSupply, Providing and installing the butterfly water valve to Ground Storage Tank3 (GST3)2017-11-122017-11-14
GAC4 KR2 KirkukSupply , Providing and installing the water butterfly valve and Non-Return valve to Kirkuk Water Treatment Plan2017-11-122017-11-14
Heks2Al SuleimanyahKerosene and 20L cans2017-11-052017-11-05
30Al SuleimanyahRenovation of Breast cancer hospital2017-11-052017-11-08
BMZ17KH4KhanaqinWater Project for Kensor, Jalawla2017-11-012017-11-05
5DuhokOpen Channel for Mahate Community2017-11-012017-11-06
3Al SuleimanyahNon-food items for IDPs2017-10-242017-10-25
29DuhokRenovation of kindergarten in Baibun2017-10-172017-10-22
28DuhokSmall chicken poultry2017-10-152017-10-18